Celebrities who are addicted to casino gambling (Casino “Addicts”)

Celebrities have been playing in traditional casinos for years before the best casino sites became mainstream. There are millions of casino fans all over the world …


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Celebrities have been playing in traditional casinos for years before the best casino sites became mainstream. There are millions of casino fans all over the world and celebrities are not exempted.

The major difference between celebrities and regular people is that the latter often rely on bonuses while the former are known as high-roller players. They have access to premium features simply because they can afford them.

Some celebrities see gambling as a means to escape from boredom when they’re not surrounded by the paparazzi or doing their jobs. On the other hand, others keep improving their gambling skills and earn big.

Some of these actors have even featured in top casino movies which serve as a source of entertainment and helps to learn new strategies. It’s not surprising that some online casino games catch the fancy of a huge chunk of these celebrities.

The rich and the famous have always loved the spark from casino floors in Las Vegas since the early 1950s. That being said, let us see some of the top online casino games played by A-list celebrities, especially in Hollywood. Here we go.


A good number of celebrities visit casinos in the company of other A-list stars which makes the experience more exciting.

One of Hollywood’s top actors, Jennifer Tilly is passionate about poker and she loves playing high stakes too! The Liar Liar and Haunted Mansion actress is highly skilled when it comes to the game of poker.

To prove that, she won the Poker Ladies Championship World Series in 2005 scooping around $365,000. She eventually used her winnings to play more poker games – that’s how much she loves the game.

And she isn’t alone. Toby Maguire, another top Hollywood celebrity went as far as enrolling for poker lessons just so he could compete in the game. Other A-list celebrities who love poker include Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio.


It’s imperative to consider different factors before signing up in an online casino. These factors include customer service, security, reputation and licensing. Just like poker, celebrities are attracted to blackjack.

It’s unarguably the favorite casino game of most celebrities and requires critical thinking to win rather than just chance. Most Hollywood movies popularized blackjack. Celebrities like Tiger Woods and Ben Affleck are not secretive about their love for the game.

Tiger Woods is said to have won $20,000 in one blackjack game. Ben Affleck was rumored to have won a high stake of $800,000 and gifted the dealers about $150,000. This led to his ban from some casinos.

Live Roulette

Roulette isn’t just a celebrity game. Several people love the thrill when adrenaline flows through their veins as the wheels rotate in a roulette game. The expectation, whatever the outcome, is a nice feeling. No wonder some A-list celebrities have taken a liking to the game.

Tiger Woods is popularly known for his love for gambling in Las Vegas and enjoys trying his luck with Roulette. Well, he isn’t alone as a popular NBA star, Charles Barkley is another high-staking lover of the roulette game.

Online Casino Slots

Pamela Anderson has played slot so much that the machine features a picture of her right in the reels. She is known for her love for slots and poker. Popular music producer, David Gest who is now late also took a liking to the slot game.

Although he went bankrupt at a point, that didn’t deter him from playing slots. Slot and other casino games are not just for celebrities. People from all walks of life can play games like cinderella slots on their mobile devices anytime.

There are a few other games celebs play, but the games listed above are the most popular online casino games among A-list celebrities.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton, and Usain Bolt are just some of the celebrities promoting online gambling. The internet and the latest technology are transforming the gambling sector landscape. Players can place bets at any time of the day without the fear of being ripped off by rogue casinos.

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