Rabcat Software Review

This software provider is a subdivision from its mother company, Rabcat Computer Graphics. This Australian gaming company was founded in 2001 and has risen in prominence due to their production of high-quality slot machines and video poker games, some of which are provided to the well-known betting giant Microgaming. You may know of this company or seen their names before due to the slots and video poker titles being extremely high end and featured in a multitude of other online casinos.

This company strives for their services to be user-friendly, which is why they have designed their slots and video pokes on Flash. This means that players will not have to download any additional software, excluding Flash player, to play and use their casino game variants.

Rabcat Computer Graphics GmbH
Vienna, Austria

Rabcat Software Popular Slots

Although Rabcat has existed for over 15 years, it has only recently shifted into the online slot games market. As a result, it does not have an extensive library in comparison to other established software providers such as Playtech, NetEnt or IGT. However, the titles the developer has delivered are outstanding, both in terms of epic scope and scale, as well as being highly entertaining with a strong re-playablility factor. One distinct advantage Rabcat has over other developers is that it originally came from the home console and PC video game market, designing digital art and assets for some of the biggest games in the industry, including Rockstar Games, Microsoft and Disney Interactive Studios.

This wealth of experience and storytelling has clearly transitioned to its online video slots, with polished graphics, smooth animation and action-packed storylines. Rabcat’s focus on crafting video slots and 3D slots has yet to translate into a progressive jackpot slot. Although Rabcat’s B2B partner Microgaming offers progressive jackpot slots to compete with its rivals, it is one genre that Rabcat itself has yet to tackle. This means that players who prefer this type of video slot would need to look beyond Rabcat’s selection of games.

Rabcat Software Casinos


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