Sports betting vs online casino gambling: which is better


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Choice and availability

Particularly with certain sports, there are very few games on per week. Soccer betting is huge, for example, but generally is only on weekends. You can find games in other parts of the world that are on, but the choice will be limited (and only very basic betting options i.e. win, lose or draw). Furthermore, betting on such game is a complete guess because you likely do not know the league very well. If you’re going to guess entirely, you may as well do it in a casino. For example you could bet on an Argentinian volleyball game, but how much do you really know about it?

On the other hand, sports betting is becoming increasingly abundant in its variety of bets. Whilst there may be only a limited amount of games, there can be over 120 types of bets for a single fixture that you may know well. You can even have extremely novel bets appear, like when Tabcorp were accepting bets on whether Sutton Goalkeeper Wayne Shaw would eat a pie during an English FA cup game. This can lead to a lot of fun, and even ventures into non-sports related events like a Royal Wedding, reality TV show results and US politics.

Whilst sports betting has become more rife with options, it still doesn’t compare to the availability of new online casinos. These online casinos are providing bets and games in their thousands, 24/7, and completely instantly. If you fancy a go on the slots, you’re one button away, or roulette, at whatever time, will have a real life dealer that you can communicate with.

Difficulty of getting started

Getting into sports betting can take some time. Watching the games, looking at the statistics and previous results, making a judgement and so on can take years. In fact, it has to become a time-consuming hobby in and of itself, just like those who love watching soccer tend to also love betting on it.

Casino games on the other hand are incredibly easy to get into, particularly online casinos. Some of the niche games may require an hour or so practice to understand the rules, but generally, everyone understands the basic ones like roulette and blackjack.

Which odds are better?

Betting and the calculation of odds are different in casino games to sports betting. With casinos, the house has a fixed edge over you. This means, while you can get some high short-term wins, if you play long enough you will eventually lose by a certain margin. However, with games like blackjack being very fine margins, it’s still extremely common that players can walk away with large winnings.

Betting odds are generally the probability of an outcome of a result, with a small percentage reserved for the betting platform. Of course, these are just good guesses of the probability, or sometimes, based on the market (how people are betting). This means that if you’re extremely knowledgeable, it has been known to win in the long term. Furthermore, sports betting is more uncapped when it comes to odds and winnings. You can create a 15-fold accumulator for example which has extremely ‘out there’ odds of 100,000 to 1; but means a $1 bet could return you an apartment.

However, regular winners on sports betting platforms often have their accounts suspended if they win too much, too frequently. Whilst this sounds unfair, it happens and there’s not a lot you can do about it. Online casinos, on the other hand, are more likely to let things slide and would prefer you to come back and use the platform so they can win their money back.


This is the hardest to judge as it comes down to personal preference. Winning money is only part of why we gamble. The expectation of winning, the game itself and so on are also important.

Sports betting can add to the experience of sports. If you are already going to watch a big basketball game, for example, you can add to the experience by wagering it. This is one of the most common reasons why people sports bet.

Casinos on the other hand offer more entertainment in isolation. You can boot up the website and instantly play fun, entertaining games. Casino games are a great time-passer because of how involved they make you. The immersive experience is only heightened more when playing in a social setting, for example online poker. This is a great way to co-experience an evening of gambling and games instantly available at any time (hence why this is often a time-sink at 3am when you should be sleeping).

Some games like poker can be particularly entertaining because of the strategy involved. There are a lot of elements to the game: emotion, how we behave, bluffing, reading other people, wagering, probability and so on. This, for many people, is the ultimate gambling experience.

There is no winner between the two forms of betting. Objectively, sports betting may look more lucrative, but it often isn’t. Ultimately, deciding between the two comes down to preference over which is more entertaining.

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