What is a Casino Cash Back?(Re-fund in Bonus Money)


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Casino clients lose quite often. Even professionals do not to mention beginners and inexperienced players. Unfortunately for players and fortunately for operators, gamblers waste their money every day, every hour and even every minute. This is the very basis of the gambling industry. If visitors always won, this industry would have faded before it had a chance to develop.

Why casinos win clients? What do they do to outplay even the masters of gambling? This is a question that we all know the answer to – casinos are designed to win always, unlike humans. But the interesting question is how to keep a client, which luck betrayed him during the games? Agree that if you lose big, you want to change that casino club for another one immediately. This is specifically spread among superstitious people who doubt the honesty and fairness of a casino.

What do casinos do to make unlucky players come back? They offer them different bonuses. Perhaps the cashback system is the most efficient tool here. This is what we talk about next.

What is casino cashback?

Cashback is a partial return of lost money to a client. The size of it is counted by a total sum that is spent by a player in a casino. The second parameter is a certain percent, which is mentioned in Terms and Conditions beforehand. It may depend on different criteria, including user status, user activity, lost sum and so on.

For instance, some casinos return up to 15% weekly. A player deposits $1000 and he has $900 at the end of the week. He will get the next sum: (1000-900) x 15%=$15. The basics of a cashback system was not invented in gambling – for decades banks have been using it. Some of them made the beneficial terms of cashback the main feature to attract millions of clients.

But casino cashback differs from ones in financial institutes like banks.

In banks, people get rewards for using plastic cards and for providing other operations. They do not lose money but get other products and services for money. Cashback here is a beautiful tool to keep such clients in a certain institution.

In casinos, people who are not lucky, lose their money. Yes, they were having fun and got good memories, but such emotions are not always positive. For such people, cashback is a consolation and opportunity to play further.

In other words, cashback in banks is a tool to earn, whereas, in casinos, it is a tool to secure themselves from losing a bankroll partially.

In gambling, cashback was introduced before online casinos. Plenty of land-based casinos were returning a part of lost money to its clients long before the internet era. Such practice is used today as well, although it cannot be considered very spread. Anyway, that kind of privilege works only for VIP players in offline, whereas online casinos offer cashback almost for everyone, including beginners.

Types of online casino cashback

What is casino cashback like? There are no unified rules in gambling, so every casino may introduce its own ones. We should note that the vast majority of operators give cashback only for a pure lost (Net Losses Cashback). Far rarer, you can meet cases where cashback work based on deposit sums, total revenue or other parameters.

There are several attributes of cashback that we can classify:

  • Type of a client. Is this a term for new or current clients, for all players or only VIP?
  • Periodicity. How often is cashback returned: daily, weekly, monthly or otherwise?
  • Size. What is cashback percent? It may start with 1% and end with much higher numbers.
  • Sum. Is there a max limit? You cannot get more than a fixed sum quite often.
  • Slots. Do all games give cashback? Sometimes it works only for certain titles or it is not presented on certain models.
  • Units. Is cashback paid in real money or in bonus credits? Bonus credits only let you play, not withdraw real money.
  • Wager. If the cashback is in bonus credit form, how many times do you have to wager it?
  • Compatibility with other promotions. Is it possible to participate in several events simultaneously?

Often casinos introduce individual terms of cashback for players, whom it concerns to be perspective.

Cashback rules in casinos

Now we should take a closer look at some important peculiarities of cashback in online casinos.

What may be percentage of cashback? There are no certain researches on this question, but some of our observations tell that the cashback percentages are usually flowing between 5% and 20%. Some operators raise this parameter up to 25% and even 30%. There are few casinos that offer less than 5% since such offers do not attract clients much, although some operators offer new clients not more than 5-7% max at first. If there is a loyalty program with several levels, cashback can raise with the status of a player. The difference between starting and maximal parameter can be really crucial.

Which units are used for cashback? There are usually two formats here. The first one is when cashback is provided with real money. In such cases, players can continue playing with this money or withdraw it. The second format is when you get paid with bonus credits. You can withdraw them too, but you have to wager them first. Also, you must learn the wager’s requirements: they are usually not so tough, you just need to spin cashback several times, reaching the necessary number of bets. Finally, you should know what games let you wager cashback. Sometimes, you cannot do it in blackjack, poker, roulette and other high RTP games. There can also be other limitations.

What games are available for cashback? Often it does not matter in which games a client lost his money: if a casino has a cashback system, it will give you back some funds on the agreed terms. But sometimes there are promotions, during which cashback is active only for certain slots. Usually, operators try to attract more attention to certain games with such a move.

Is there are a max cashback sum? Not always. Many big online casinos define a cashback percentage, but do not define a max sum. Essentially, operators are interested in the fact, when a client loses as much as possible and ready to encourage that anyhow. However, there are some limitations, especially when it comes to high rollers. If you want to play big, clarify this point at once.

VIP cashback in online casinos

The best operators provide special cashback terms to VIP clients. This can be shown in several ways:

  • Bigger percentage of cashback
  • No sum limits at all
  • Real money or bonus credits return with the lowest wager
  • Cashbacks are given often or due to flexible graphics

Surely, there can be other individual conditions for VIP customers.

Cashback for advantage players

Advantage players are gamblers that play for results and they are ready to achieve beneficial incomes by any means available. These professionals gamble with max cashback return, choose an optimal strategy, use additional tricks and try to derive max income from all the promotions of a casino.

In long-term, professionals stay in positive revenue, so they cannot use cashback. But during a day, week or month he can be is a losing position. So, he has a right to count on cashback. It helps him/her to get a mathematical advantage on a casino while playing long-term.

Taking it into consideration, operators can introduce limitations for advantage players. Such limitations can be pointed out in rules, but mostly they sound like this: “The administration of the casino has a right to decline a player’s cashback at its own discretion.” Surely, there are plenty of cases when cunning clients obtained huge cashback sums, using the drawbacks of rules and promotions.

Other promotions for regular players

Cashback is not the only offer, which the operators make loyal and valuable to players. Some of them may use such promotions and terms to keep clients:

  • Loyalty program. It is a system of different rewards of different kinds. Usually, it consists of statuses. The higher the level, the more privileges are given to players. Often players get special points for betting if they are in loyalty programs. The collected points can be changed to money. When a client gets higher in status, he/she gets presents: free bonuses, spins and so on.
  • Personal deputies. Free bonuses are given not only for signing up. Sometimes a casino gives players different presents individually.
  • Reload bonuses. Regular bonuses on deposits are widely used by operators.
  • Free tournaments. Clients just play usually and automatically become the participants of slot tournaments. If they manage to win, they will get real money, bonuses, special points, free spins or other valuable presents.
  • Giveaways. Different operators have different giveaways terms.
  • Racing. Winners of such tournaments are usually players who get the max amount of points during the game.
  • Gifts. Operators give gifts to its players when they celebrate happy birthdays or other events.

Surely, VIP clients are ones that have most of the privileges. The best casinos offer them increased cashback, regular large bonuses, invitations to close events, higher limits for deposits and withdrawals, faster payments and many other things.

Cashback FAQ

Some of the relevant questions on cashback.

How is cashback calculated? Depending on the lost sum and a certain percent.

Is cashback good only for high rollers? No, cashback is advantageous for all the players.

What is the difference between cashback and bonuses? Cashback is given only if you lose more than win during a certain period of time.

Can I withdraw cashback from a casino? Yes, you can. But you have to wager it several times first.

Summing up

How to relate to the cashback in casinos? Do you have to rely on it? How efficient is it for clients? Is not it beneficial only for the casino?

When you learn the offers of a new casino, you do not want to think about loses. You try to think about big wins, fat bonuses, free spins, points and other opportunities. But the reality is tough and it does not show mercy to people in pink glasses. Remember: all the clients lose – sooner or later.

So, if your casino has a cashback system with beneficial conditions, consider it as a good advantage for you. Let the fortune to be kind to you and you would never use the tool. But if the Lady Luck angers at you, cashback may help to wait out bad times.

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